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Hogart increases its presence in the hospitality industry. New contracts, new projects

Hogart, the leading provider of IT solutions on the Polish market, informs about new contracts-from Orbis S.A., Hekon economic hotels, Accor Polska and Hotel Muranowska. In the last quarter of 2013, Hogart Sp. z o.o. He signed several new contracts in the hospitality industry. Customers have trusted both the modern solutions offered by Hogart, as well as the competencies and experience of the company. New contracts mean further expansion of Hogart in this extremely demanding industry. IBM Cognos Express for ORBIS S.A. Enterprise Orbis S.A. For some time, Parliament a choice of solution to support its business Intelligence, financial planning and budgeting activities. With the choice of the product itself, the considerable problem was selected by the supplier – a reliable, competent, yet innovative company. Both selection processes, closely interlinked, were completed in the last quarter of last year.

IBM Cognos Express for Orbis S.A.

On 16 XII 2013 Orbis S.A. In the company Hogart Sp. z o.o. An order to supply the IBM Cognos Express software license in full configuration ("Complete User"). -This decision is assessed by PIOTR Cierlik, managing director of Hogart Sp. z o.o. – An expression of Orbis S.A. beliefs The need to choose the best solution provided by the supplier, with documented and proven experience in the industry. We are pleased to welcome Orbis S.A. Among our customers and we will endeavour to ensure that the solution purchased in the shortest possible time has brought Orbis tangible benefits. The IBM Cognos Express 10.1 version provided by Hogart is the latest release of the well-known and appreciated BI/FP/B class solution that uses "in memory" computational technology, which is based on a RAM cache, significantly Accelerates data processing and analysis (patented technology). This technology, along with the object-oriented nature of the solution, enables business processes to be easily (from the service-servicing standpoint). The major issue, which has the effect of minimizing operating costs, is also the ease of reconfiguring these processes (depending on changing needs) and the ease of adding new ones (such as Add a new budget version or new items in analytic dimensions.) Due to the innovative solution of system administration, the costs associated with it are also lower accordingly. On the economics of the solution also positively impacts easy development (access authorized users to intuitive development tools). Latest versions of Infor SunSystems for Hekon budget hotels, Accor Polska and Hotel Muranowska infor SunSystems is already an almost global standard and a classic solution for the widely wider tourism and leisure industry, in particular for hospitality.

Infor SunSystems Version 6

Hogart has been implementing the next generation of this system in Poland for over twenty years. In turn, SunSystems users, highly assessing the quality and effectiveness of their solutions, from time to period, taking into account technological advances and changing needs, decide on the successive versions of existing solutions. In October 2013, the three companies owned by the Accor Hotel group, namely: Hekon economic hotels, Accor Polska and the Muranowska. These companies belong to the oldest SunSystems users in Poland (eg. Hekon uses the SunSystems solution implemented by Hogart since 1999, making the course in the meantime a succession of subsequent versions. The current company decision concerns the introduction of the latest software – Infor SunSystems version 6. This will make it possible to take advantage of both the latest technical and technological solutions included in version 6 (which will translate into moderation of maintenance and operation costs), as well as the new functional solutions available in this version, Business in the second decade of the 21st century. At the moment, all three companies are working on a project to implement an updated version of the Infor SunSystems 6 solution.