Infor Software

Hogart is the partner of Infor Global Solutions

Hogart is the partner of Infor Global Solutions – one of the largest global developers of comprehensive financial and business management solutions. Infor GS is an enterprise software provider and strategic technology partner to more than 90,000 organizations in 170 countries and 66 million+ cloud users. From over 27 years, Hogart has dealt with the delivery, implementation and promotion of one key product – Infor FMS SunSystems. Since then, Hogart has successfully executed SunSystems implementation projects for over 400 customers, including dynamically developing companies as well as local divisions of multinational corporations.

In 2015, INFOR GLOBAL SOLUTIONS ranked Hogart “one of the most successfull” INFOR’S PARTNERS UPGRADING THEIR CUSTOMERS. HOGART provides services to multinational and local companies, to companies with foreign capital and also to public companies. Cooperating with our customers we are committed to the partnership model of collaboration, whether in Poland or abroad. We have delivered many projects in Poland and abroad including in the UK, France, and even in Africa in Nigeria. Our mission is to assist our customers to achieve their plans and objectives.

The Polish localisation package for INFOR FMS SunSystems includes:

  • Hogart_JPK module (SAF-T files generation)
  • Hogart_eStatements module
  • Hogart_White List and Active Tax Payer
  • eDeclarations
  • Account Listing (Wydruk konta)
  • Journal Listing (Wydruk rejestru)
  • Trial Balance (analytic and synthetic) (Obrotówka)
  • Ageing Analysis (Analiza zalegania)
  • Balance confirmation (Potwierdzenie sald)
  • Payment Demand (Wezwanie do zapłaty)
  • VAT registration (Rejestry VAT)
  • Declaration VAT7 (Deklaracja VAT7)
  • Balance Sheet (Bilans)
  • Profit and Loss Account (Rachunek Zysków i Strat)
  • Depreciation calculation according to Polish accounting law regulations (Naliczanie amortyzacji zgodnie z polskimi przepisami ustawy o rachunkowości)
  • Depreciation plan (Plan amortyzacji)
  • Depreciation table (Tabela amortyzacji)