New structure for JPK_VAT VAT Records (3)

From 1 January 2018 There will be a new logical structure for the JPK_VAT (3) VAT register. The JPK_VAT files for months from September to December 2017 should be sent in accordance with the structure already in force. The JPK module from Hogart will be ready for change in accordance with the MF guidelines. Action Plan adapting the Hogart JPK module to change:

  • We are currently working on the implementation of the 3 JPK_VAT scheme in the Hogart JPK application (including tests in the Ministry of Finance test Environment)
  • Customer implementations we plan to start in December (you can already book appointments with merchants)
  • The new scheme will take effect from January 2018, which means that the first reporting is required in February 2018 (VAT for January 2018)