Obligation to check counterparty's bank account

The Ministry of Finance has announced the obligation to verify the bank account numbers before sending the transfer. Transfers should be made to the bank accounts listed in the MF list. Payment for another account is obviously possible but should result in certain tax consequences. Purchases made on such non-registered bank account will not be counted towards the tax costs in PIT and CIT, and most importantly the purchaser will be jointly and severally liable for the possible tax arrears in the supplier's VAT. This is to cover expenditure of more than 15,000 euro. zł. Therefore, in the event of mass invoicing, there is a need to introduce appropriate information solutions in this respect, analogous to those used for the verification of tin numbers. These types of solutions are already emerging and some companies only wait for MF to run their solutions, among them is also Hogart. So it is worth to keep track and this topic, because you should expect to start soon also and these changes.

Hogart Bank Account Checker

With our existing tool, the tin check is the Hogart of an active taxpayer. This Program, depending on the version, allows you to check various data from public registers, such as tax ID number, REGON, guarantee security, company address details.  If the changes announced by the ministry will come into effect, it is up to the Hogart active taxpayer to check the bank account number.