Updates to Hogart active taxpayer VAT and to JPK

We have added additional functions, in our programs: Hogart Active taxpayer VAT and a single control file. JPK in the 1.1.15 version of JPK, the following features have been added:

  • Ability to select the default JPK-VAT data set for the verification of the active taxpayer (purchase invoices, sales invoices, both types of invoices).
  • Ability to save VIES pages on the disk and in the database of the images when verifying the active taxpayer.
  • The possibility of retrieving the name and address of the taxpayer from the VIES gateway for domestic and foreign taxpayers.

More about the JPK program…

VAT Active taxpayer main changes introduced in the Hogart program are active taxpayer VAT version 1.0.14:

  • Ability to select the default set of data to verify the active taxpayer based on the file JPK-VAT in XML format (purchase invoices, sales invoices, both types of invoices).
  • The ability to export a report from a process running on schedule in PDF or XLSX format.

Test Hogart Active Taxpayer VAT

The Program is also available in the version for micro entrepreneurs! Buy the program in our shop or download the trial version:

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