Hogart Hogart Software House is a newly created organizational unit within the company Hogart Sp z o.o. (Hogart Business Application). We decided to create a separate unit after our success in building a variety of dedicated software for enterprises. We are the producer of a number of applications and their quantity and functional scope have grown to the point that it is time to call a new unit to manage the entire process of their construction, expansion and maintenance. We are pleased that our applications find recognition in your eyes, we sell solutions dedicated to accounting departments (JPK, active taxpayer, a separate payment), for pharmaceutical companies (ZSMOPL), Transport (PŚT) and many many others.

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Infor ksiegowe Software Infor is a world-leading provider of business software and services providing support to 73 000 customers in 200 countries, helping to streamline business processes and grow businesses. Infor’s mission is to build business applications delivered in a cloud-based model, combining advanced functionality and scientific knowledge for selected industries. Infor is:

  • 73 000 customers
  • 14 000 employees
  • 153 Offices
  • 1 680 Experts Support
  • Presence in 200 countries
  • 1 745 Partners

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IBM IBM is a world leader in the creation, development and production of the most advanced it technologies including computer systems, software, network systems, storage and microelectronics solutions. Advanced technologies translate into tangible benefits for our customers through professional solutions and services, available worldwide.

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