Hogart sp. Z O. At. Accounting and Finance programsThe undisputed advantage of our company is the team, which we owe not only project success, but also a well-established image. Our team consists of both experienced practitioners (project managers, project leaders, Senior Consultants, consultants), as well as those who are at the beginning of their professional career, who in a friendly atmosphere can take Experience and practice based on the highest design standards. For several years Hogart has maintained a stable position of the market leader, which results in the realization of many complex implementation projects, in which our clients are extremely highly valued the creativity and extraordinary knowledge expertise our team. We constantly care about the development of our employees offering specialist training, personal skills training, language training as well as other forms of training. Well-trained employees with high competences guarantee the proper functioning of the team, and this in turn leads to efficient implementation of projects in our clients.